Officer Sean Reinhardt
VIP Awards at the LAPD Academy
LAPD Racing's Caprice trying to slow down
These judges really were blind!

LAPD Racing "VIP" Award (Visually Impaired
 Person)  Award at the LAPD Academy
"Cops for Tot's" car show.  

The only car show award
judged by blind
, solely by touch!  Is that cool or what?   

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LAPD Racing Caprice
LAPD Racing's Caprice
Winner of the VIP Award
Blind kids judging for the VIP Award by touch
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"Got-Ya!" Get On Track- Youth Alternatives!   A  challenge to
"Street Racers" to compete  legally on sanctioned race tracks,
including oval track, drag racing, road racing, drifting,
Nevada open road racing, the "Maxton" and "Texas Mile,"and the
Hot Rod Magazine "Top Speed Challenge."
Get On Track-
Youth Alternatives!
The winner! A
beautiful "Big Daddy
Ed Roth" tribute trike
built by Ed Roth's son.
LAPD Legends Car and Racebike at LAPD West Valley Division
Officer Sean Reinhardt with the LAPD Racing Caprice at the Long Beach Grand Prix
The goal: An off-duty LAPD Officer sets the record for the
world's fastest
"real" Police car. Projected speed 200 MPH plus!
Yes, it was a
real ex-LAPD four-door Patrol Car! No, not a
Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, or Lamborghini painted black
and white,
it's a real police car!    
"NASCOP" at the Long
Beach Grand Prix
Crushed ex-street racers
But, wait there's more! An LAPD
Yamaha R-6  Sportbike and a
Honda CRF 450 Supermoto to
challenge "Knee-Draggers" and
"Stunters" to get on the track!
An LAPD "Legends" Race car for
Drag racing, Road-Racing, Oval
Track, and Drifting!
Lisa and Corbin at El Mirage
Real wife,
fake snake...
Dad,                                      Wife,
Sean                                     Lisa
Having way too much
Shain (son) judging event         Lisa (wife) running
                                         the Event
Corbin (son)
scoring event
Shelby (Daughter)
scoring event -LAPD
Son, Shain