(Get On Track- Youth Alternatives!)
                             An anti-street racing and aggressive speeding program

“GOT-YA!” publicizes the legal, financial, and often deadly impact of street racing and     
aggressive speeding, promotes and demonstrates the legal alternatives, and turns public
opinion and peer pressure against the street racers. "GOT-YA!" encourages the young
people to stay on the right track and "the right track is the race track!"

The program:

  • Exposes the real dangers of illegal street racing. Race or speed on the street and
    you could lose your license, lose your ride, lose your savings, lose your freedom (jail), or
    lose your life!”

  • Offers a wide variety of legal alternatives.  A growing list competition and “track
    day” organizations (both motorcycle and car) support the “GOT-YA!” program. Many
    have pledged to provide low-cost introductory admission to their events at local
    racetracks.  These events include oval track racing, drag racing, road racing, drafting,
    off-road racing, moto-cross, and motorcycle “Stunt” riding.  Many include schools that
    teach safety and vehicle control.

  • Leads by example.  Off-duty Police Officers with an ex-LAPD Chevrolet Caprice Police
    Car, a 2/3 scale 1934 Ford “Legends” Police car, a Yamaha R6 road race bike, and a
    Honda CRF 450 "Supermoto" bike to challenge street racers to compete at sanctioned
    racetracks.  All resemble Police vehicles, but are full racing machines with equipment
    donated by the program’s sponsors. “GOT-YA!” is not funded by the LAPD and no tax
    dollars go to the program.

  • Turns public opinion and peer pressure against the street racers. The “GOT-YA!”
    program uses the media (newspapers, magazines, Internet, PSAs for television and
    radio), community events, motorcycle/car shows, schools, and social networks
    (Facebook, My Space, Twitter, etc.) to turn public opinion and peer pressure against  
    street raceing and aggressive speeding. The goal is to remove the glamour from street
    racing, to label it as stupid and immature, and make it unpopular and “un-cool.”

     Officer Sean Reinhardt (818) 885-7779                                  www.lapdracing.com
     My space & Facebook/lapd racing                              e-mail reinsport@yahoo.com